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Welcome to our Need-to-Know page!!

We've created this space with you in mind, we know as a church we can move quickly and our heart is to make sure that each of you feel equipped and informed about what is going on in the life of C3 Hope.

This page has everything, you guessed it, that you need-to-know. Whether it's media access (logos etc.), the church calendar, event planning information or even who is who in the organisation. This is where you'll find it and if you manage to think of something that is missing, simply let us know by clicking here

Have fun exploring!! 

Key Contact Information

Lead Pastors - /

Sorcha Sherwin is our Operations Manager, overseeing our C3 Hope Staff and the practical outworking of C3 Hope vision through Sunday services and other midweek events. She is positioned to help facilitate events and resource your events as well as offer support with our church systems, such as Church Centre. Email her via -

Colin Davies is C3 Hope Executive Pastor, he works closely with each department within The Hope Centre, including, Little Ark Nursery, Hope Community Foundation and C3 Hope. He is the best person to go to about anything business and/or system related as well as Sunday Team related. You can contact him via email -

Our finance team work hard throughout the week, if you need to contact them about anything please email them via -

Gemma Otten is our Community Chaplain, she is positioned to bridge the gap between church and all our community work. If you have any questions about church links to community, Alpha, or community events then please get in touch via email - 

Maisie Clark oversees our Media and Communications department and works alongside Gemma and the rest of Worship team to creatively express the vision of C3 Hope. If you have any questions or want to get in touch about anything worship/creative/media related please email her

Claire Parkinson is 1/2 of our fabulous kids pastors, so if you have any questions about C3 Hope Kids, please email her -

Jemimah Yuill is C3 Hope Young Adults and Students Pastor, if you have any questions relating to anything 18-30s related please email her at

If you need to direct anyone to email the church about an issue, baptisms, dedications, or anything else relating to the life of C3 Hope. We have a church mailbox that is managed by some of our staff team throughout the week. Please direct them to email -


All things Media...

You can read through our Branding guidelines here, alternatively click one of the icons to access anything media-specific you need. 

Access our Fonts.

Access our Logos.

Access our Graphic Elements.

Access our Mascot elements (Lars the Lion)

Access our C3 Hope Sunday photo stream.

Access our shareable Instagram stories

Our C3 Hope media team works really hard to produce top-quality media including; socials, leaflets, posters, videos and so much more. We encourage each ministry department to have their own media volunteer that works alongside the paid team to produce content, if you'd like to get in contact with our media team to find out more about this then please click here.

If you'd like to request ANY kind of media for your department or for a Sunday. Then please fill in the media request form, designed by our team to help them work more efficiently and produce the best quality media for you!

Media Request Form

All things Admin...

Here you'll find everything you need relating to Teams, Planning Centre, planning an event, policies, church calendar and so much more! 

If there's anything you need that is missing from this section then please get in touch with Sorcha, our fabulous Operations Manager and she'll be able to help!

Send her an email here

Resources for you!

We not only want to equip you practically to help lead your teams but also spiritually and theologically want to equip you as leaders!

Therefore we've invested in TheosU, an incredible platform packed with videos (short and long) that cover anything from Holy Spirit to Abortion to Spiritual Gifts and so much more. You can access these videos through their website, or App, using the login details below:


Password: HCSheff2k20

Some other great sites, recommended by some of the team are:

Lectio 365 - Lectio 365 is a free daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day.

Prayer Resource - A link to a document with some guided prayers on for different themes.