We fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen

2 Corinthians 4:18

Prayer is a foundational part of a personal relationship with God.

Praising Him for all he’s done, prophesying and speaking out the promises He made throughout scripture, petitioning for the needs we face daily and pausing to realign ourselves with heaven.

Here at C3 Hope, we are committed to both a personal prayer life and a corporate one, ensuring we create space where we can prioritise prayer for one another and for all God is doing among our church family.

You can add any prayer requests you have to our Online Prayer Wall below. People will be able to see your request and join with you in prayer or stand in faith on your behalf. Our staff and dedicated Prayer Team will also see your prayer and will continue to pray for your request throughout the week

Please keep your prayer concise. Prayers may be removed if issue is too sensitive or not appropriate to be shared online - for prayers of a more delicate nature, please send them to prayer@c3chope.church.

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Sheba Kaiser

Please pray for my neighbour Keith and his wife Pauline. Keith was Diagnosed with bladder cancer just after Christmas, he had the op in January and it was successful, however, his recovery isn't. He was ok for a couple of weeks after the surgery but since then his health has deteriorated, he's struggling to walk, in constant pain, he's lost a lost of weight and now, because he isn't walking much and spends most of his time sitting (as that's what comfortable for him) he has bed sores. Keith is really struggling as he isn't one to sit and do nothing, he was always on the go. Both Keith and Pauline (and their family) don't know Jesus. They know that my mum and I are praying for them, please stand with me in praying for a miracle healing and that they experience the touch and love of Jesus and know him on a personal level. Pauline, his wife is struggling to see her husband like this and caring for him is hard for her too.

Really need God to come through and reveal himself to them.

Received: September 22, 2021