Repurposing our Waverley Funds

Between 2014 and 2019 Hope City Church in Sheffield embarked on an ambitious plan to sell its main building in Sheffield and relocate to a new building at Waverley, on the edge of Sheffield and Rotherham. In 2019 a review a number of factors led us to a decision to retain our existing building and no longer build at Waverley but instead to take the essence of our vision and apply ourselves to outworking it from our current location.

You can download an excerpt from the brochure outlining these changes here. A lot has changed since February 2020, and we are not planning to buy or build a new building at the moment. Instead we want to focus on re-vamping the existing building. We do not expect there to be any money left over, but if there is, we would like to use it for the charity’s wider charitable purposes here at C3 Hope.

If you donated to this Capital Appeal between 2014 and 2019 you can grant us permission to reallocate any remaining donations to the purposes mentioned in the above brochure. Alternatively, subject to Charity Commission approval, you may be entitled to have your donation refunded (less funds which have already been spent on the development costs).


If you have already completed a consent form which was issued by Hope City Church in February 2020 then at this point you do not need to take any additional action.

If you haven’t done this and you would like to allow your funds to be reallocate for the new purposes outlined in the excerpt from the brochure then complete and return the disclaimer which you can download here.