Diversity- where we stand

The events of May 2020, and more notably the sad and terrible murder of George Floyd, sparked outrage and a subsequent response which echoed across the world.

Along with much of the church worldwide, Hope City Church has felt the full force of this impact and as a result, embarked upon a prolonged period of reflection and consultation during 2020, seeking to address our own internal need to change.

It is our passionate desire and commitment that:

  1. Racial discrimination in all its forms should have no place in our churches.
  2. At every level, our church should truly reflect, represent, and celebrate the racial diversity of our congregation and wider community.
  3. Our church communities will continue to learn how to cultivate an environment and culture of racial harmony founded on our mutual love for God and one another.

We recognise that we have some way to go on this journey, but we are committed to doing everything we can to forge a community of believers which reflects God’s heart for all humanity.

Our Journey

A report arising from our own journey throughout 2020, and which outlines a series of firm recommendations, is available upon request to colin.davies@hopecity.co.uk.

Arising from the recommendations contained in the report, we have begun to put into practice many of the commitments made in the report and are in the process of compiling both corporate and local action plans for further change to culture and practice going forward.

Update: 4 April 2021 – Charity Commission provided us with feedback on 1 April 2021 stating that they had decided to conclude the case.  In doing so, they have accepted the findings of the internal investigation report and see no need to conduct their own enquiries.


Useful Church Resource

Tear Fund have created a useful resource for local churches who wish to respond to racial injustice and address racial inequality within the context of the local church. The Resource contains information on how to encourage action as well as Bible Studies to help Christians and churches know how to better respond to injustice.

Download the Guide