Hungry for God

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‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.’  - Matthew 5:6

The Beatitudes offer a simple instruction – let your ‘attitude-be’!

Like the phrase, our attitude is often the reverse of what it is supposed to be. The spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, Bible reading, Bible study, worship and fellowship are all designed to bring our attitude (way of being) into line with the character of Jesus. One of the most challenging of these disciplines is fasting. I must confess that I don’t enjoy it, although I do it! Some people do, but either way, when we fast it has an immediate effect.

Fasting removes the distraction of food and focuses our heart and mind on God. It is not the absence of food that draws a benefit, but that it is substituted with prayer, Bible reading and Christian meditation (dwelling silently in God’s Word and presence).

There are different types of fast (hobbies, TV, Social Media), but fasting is primarily the absence of food, and sometimes fluids for a very short period. Make sure you are fasting in a safe way (see the link below), and some obviously cannot fast because of medical conditions. However, be hungry for God and do something to create a space that He can step into. The reward for fasting is a closer walk with Jesus, often accompanied by greater peace, clarity, vision, and purpose. Jesus said that when we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we will be filled.

As a church let’s fast together. Whether you fast food, social media, TV or your favourite coffee or dessert, do it for the glory of God, the strengthening of your faith and our church. You will be blessed!

Check out this article for a great reminder about the core purposes and ways of fasting - Fasting for Beginners.

Date - 4.9.23 | Author - Kev Shaw| Series - Prayer + Fasting

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