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As a family, we find ourselves at week 4 of a profound exploration of three transformative words from the Lord’s Prayer: “Your kingdom come.” These words are not just a passive wish but an active invocation of God’s sovereign rule here on earth as it is in heaven.

The Call of the Kingdom – “COME!”

This week, we focus singularly on the word “COME!” It’s a powerful invitation—God calling His rule into our reality. When we say “Your kingdom come,” we are not just hoping for a distant future; we are praying for a present reality where God’s will prevails, reshaping our world into His design of justice, peace, and holiness.

This invites;

1. His Rule and Reign

Imagine a world fully governed by the purity and righteousness of God. Where every action and decision is infused with His divine justice and peace. It’s more than a distant theological concept; it’s a transformation we yearn to see made real in every aspect of our lives and societies. Whether in small acts of kindness or large-scale societal changes, every glimpse of God’s kingdom on Earth is a testament to His lordship.

But it does ask the question of;

2. Our Readiness

With the anticipation of God’s kingdom comes a serious call to readiness. Matthew 24:44 challenges us, “So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” Our lives must reflect a state of preparation: our actions, words, and hearts aligned with God’s will. Are we living as people ready for the return of Christ? Are our daily decisions paving the way for His righteous reign?

Because if so, we will see;

3. A Great Renewal

In this chaotic world, the cry for renewal has never been more critical. A renewal where God’s perfect will and kingdom break forth into our flawed existence, correcting our paths and refining our pursuits. This isn’t just about a future renewal but a present-day reality where we actively participate in the unfolding of God’s eternal kingdom.

The concept of heaven on Earth is not just a future event to be passively awaited but a current reality to be actively experienced. Here in Sheffield, or anywhere we find ourselves, heaven touches earth when we align our lives with God’s will. It’s seen when the sick are healed, the oppressed are freed, and justice is passionately pursued. Each act of kindness, each decision for truth, each moment of worship is a manifestation of heaven here and now.

When we truly grasp and live out the prayer, “Your kingdom come,” we become agents of divine change. Our societies, often marred by division and injustice, can be transformed by the principles of God’s Kingdom. As we align more closely with God’s vision, we will inevitably see shifts in how we govern, live, and interact.

The kingdom of God does not wait for an invitation; it is already among us! It exists wherever His will is revered and followed. Even now, as we navigate through our days, we are walking on the potent ground of God’s kingdom. It is not obstructed by our human boundaries or limitations but is made known through our daily submissions to His will.

So this must be our response: Alignment and Action

Our call is not to passively await the kingdom but to actively usher it in through our thoughts, actions, and prayers. This requires a bold reorientation of our priorities and lifestyles. Aligning our desires with God’s desires, our justice with His justice, our service with His commandments. This alignment invites His kingdom to come vividly into our lives and our communities.

Ultimately, “Your kingdom come” is not just a line we recite; it’s a prayer we live out. It’s a transformative, revolutionary call to see the world as God sees and to enact the change that He desires. Today, and every day, may we rise to the occasion to pronounce and provoke heaven on earth with every fiber of our being, living out the powerful invocation of God’s perfect kingdom here and now.

As we look forward to our Vision Builders offering, let us be fueled by the clarity of this purpose and the power of this prayer. In the seemingly small yet profoundly significant phrase “Your kingdom come,” lies the blueprint for a heavenly blueprint here on earth, reiterating the call for renewal, readiness, and divine reign in every aspect of our lives. Let us pray, act, and live in such a way that His kingdom truly comes—not just in our words, but through our every action.

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